Agustus 2017
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03 Des 2015 

Kerjakan Memasak Bubur Ayam Kuah Hijau

Kerjakan Memasak Bubur Ayam Kuah Hijau - Located at Jalan Banceuy, dining shaped pavement cafés and open from nine at night until nine o'clock in the morning every day presents a menu of dishes with a buffet system that can pegunjungnya lebh freely choose food according to taste. Yup! Food stalls Ceu Mar.

Varian menu at the food stalls there are many, ranging from jengkol stews, noodles, eggs, soy sauce, stir-stir intestines, tripe, bakwan, tempeh know, vegetables, and more. But when we talk about the menu mainstay, beef goulash ala ceu mar is the champion! The meat was really tender and the seasoning gulainya felt so good, could even shake up the tongue !!

Although the evening opening hours, but the visitors seemed to never diminished, the night was even more crowded visited by visitors usually by those who move the evenings the center of Bandung. But, the plus points of the food stalls ceu Mar is, although pobud busy serving customers but all the servants pobud be friendly to all visitors.
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